Thank you Activision!

Blops 3 is very pretty and sounds AMAZING!!! I’m really happy that they made it easy to transition from Destiny… I thought I’d miss having supers, especially the Titan Smash! Luckily Blops 3 has it! If you haven’t played anything new for a while and have been living in Titanfall land, you can wall run! No worries there now! Use your booster pack to wall run, jump higher and further, then get your kills and call in your Titan… oh wait no Titans here.

They took great things from other games and wrapped it up in a pretty package… Shine that money making turd Activision!

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Seriously. I have not seen such an un original game before in my life. like they just took everything they liked form other games and jammed it into one game.

let not forget the Titan Arc Weapon I mean Tempest. Or the golden Gun… I mean Seraph.