The Private Group

Hey all, not sure how many of you have tried or currently use the100 but it’s a really well built grouping tool for Destiny. I spoke to the creator a while back, and he’s now given me beta access to the private/custom groups section. I built a GRG specific group that we can use for creating games/events like raids or clan nights. It’s technically set for XB1, but you have to select a platform. I’d recommend just flagging created games with a tag of XB1 or PS4. Here is the link. I’ll start posting games there sometime this week when there are some members:

I hardly find it moot as XBL does not lend itself well to grouping and/or even messaging individuals to try and get a team together. You can message everyone online each time you login to see if anyone wants to play, or you can post it online and know you have a full team already set. To each his own I guess…

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