The Avengers: Infinity War (spoiler discussion)

This thread needed to be made.
So I made it.

Well? Thoughts? Postulations? Remembrances?

How bought that Captain Marvel SOS?
How bought NO ADAM! wtf is up with that?

Cliffs notes on my opinions:
Movie was amazing. From pre-credits to post.
Thanos was done… very well.
I’m still getting chills from scenes at the end of the movie.
That all famous set of scenes depicting that most famous of events from the Comic books…

The way they’ve tied the Thanos Quest storyline into the Infinity Guantlet storyline is … masterfull in my opinion. I gotta say. I’m kinda liking the MCU take on these events more than the original comics.

Okay. I’ll go all neckbeard once the discussion starts… someone else’s turn.
cue lala shitting all over the movie :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent seen it yet but im all up for spoilers as I read em all. Kinda tired of the MCU and wondering who’s coming next.

Now for Captain Marvel… idk about the actress.

Oh and btw! No Adam Warlock bc im sure theyre bringing in Nova once Captain Marvel is officially out.

More space shit…

Saw the movie and damn! I didn’t think they’d kill off a few of the franchises already as they were just getting started. I really don’t follow the comics, so I have no idea if they’ll bring people back or have a Time Warp or something else like that. I figure Spidey was rumored to have another movie coming, so that could be a thing. Dunno

Captain America is a stud

Thor is a stud

Peter Dinklage as a giant dwarf…stud

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Groot choping off his arm for Stormbreaker…stud

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Hulk…not a stud

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Hulk reminds me of Ronda Rousey.

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Doctor Strange obviously had some sort of master plan in mind when he willingly gave up the Time Gem. Remember there was one sequence in which they win. So we’ll have to see.

I really liked Infinity War, but It was too many alleged deaths to believe they were for real, especially given the future plans of the MCU. As such, deaths like Loki’s and Gamora’s were more believable, however I’m not convinced that Gamora is gone. Also, Spiderman, Galaxy and Black Panther all have sequels coming up, and I doubt they will all be in a time frame before these events.

One thing I was wondering is where were Valkyrie, Miek, or Korg.

I think Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are most likely to die in the next one. They’re all done with their contracts after the next one and I am sure they’d like to move on…at least for now. I think Stark will marry Pepper and have a kid and on or both of the others will die.

Another thought is maybe the ones that turned to ash are in an alternate universe now.

I really like the idea of Dr Strange having a master plan for all this. And where does captain marvel come into play? I agree with you that those who died that have movies coming up are a big plot shield, but we’ll see what happens here.

What would be really cool is if the entire thing was a Loki trick! Ooooh about everyone dying, just kidding, it’s me Loki, good of mischief!

Strictly speaking, all of the souls of those lost in the Infinity Crisis are “stored” within the “soul stone”.
From what I can tell here this movie was NOT the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, even though there were scenes from that comic in this movie… I think this was the Thanos’ Quest storyline.

The movie ends with the beginning panels of the Infinity Guantlet comic for a reason.

The thing I’m really afraid of now is this. Obviously a whole lot of those who disappeared will come back. They have movies slated …

Fear for those who were not turned to dust. Not for those who were turned to dust.
The only way the soul stones releases those it has absorbed is by equitable trade.

To bring the others back… someone one… or group will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

You shut your whore mouth.

Thor and Captain America are too studly to die.

Along with Spiderman, they were my favorite comic book characters when I was a kid.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the actors are done with the roles though.

Well, to be clear.
Even if Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers die they will still pass their mantles … this has already been established and set up. (I believe)
Thor could also pass his mantle on… but I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t “reincarnated” into a different form…

For that matter… this could completely reset what actor plays what. Any soul can now be “reincarnated” into any body if you really think about it. (cept those who lived)

It would be tough to replace Robert Downey Jr or Chris Hemsworth.

Yes, they did it in the comics but who’s going to go watch an iron man movie with someone else as Iron Man?

I’d assume they’d make movies with other characters.

What?..Wait I thought we were talking about Avengers/MCU not full metal alchemist

Expect you will be correct to some degree but we only have a year to wait and we have Captain Marvel and ant man 2 in between to help us clarify. Also that may kick off the SWORD Storyline (Mar-Vell and all)

Overall I liked it. I was disappointed that only the newer heroes were turned to ash rather than having one of the first 3 go as well. That said, with Avengers 4 they may have a bigger death there. Also, it did feel a bit overwhelming with all of the heroes they put in the movie, even though they did as well as they could with that many.