The Best PCs You Can Build for $300, $600, and $1200 - good article

Thought this was a good read for people thinking about building a PC.


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i’ll prolly use it as a guide to build on what i have. i dont see a point in replacing everything. of course, that $300 build would be perfect for work PC.

That is a good article for giving a good sense of budget. Also check out Tom’s hardware. They have tons of guides as well and stack rank the current products.

Careful. I’ve gone down the route of “oh, i’ll just replace parts”. Ended up needing to replace more in the PC than was worth to just build a new one.

If you’ve never used it, try this website:
EDIT: So, this was the site they used in the article. Didn’t read, just skimmed. For the lazy I suppose

It’ll allow you to build the PC with all the peripherals, and then give you a run down on who has it for the best price. I’ve used it to build many friends machines, as well as to price out parts for myself.

What’s that for? Can’t do much with that.