The Crew 2 Gets a New Trailer Showcasing Seamless Vehicle Switching

Not long after the release date, pre-order details and the initial announcement of The Crew 2’s fast-switching between vehicles, Ubisoft has released a new trailer/interview/showcase of the fast-switch feature and focusing on how the game came to be.

The trailer itself sheds a bit more light on how the switch is done in-game (previously it had been shown in a trailer, but not in the gameplay context) while also explaining many of the features like setting the favourite plane, car or boat. The integration seems to be pretty seamless with no loading at all between vehicles.

The Crew 2 is releasing March 13th.

It’s funny that GTA has a mode like this coming out as well. I wonder who had the idea first.

I think @D1G1TALC1PHERS and myself are the only two who grabbed this game. It is not Forza Horizon but a pretty fun game. Nice addition of having boats and planes added. I do however protest that Philly is not in the game and I can’t stop at @anon42851937’s house.

This is one of the best Arcade driving games I have played. Notice I said driving. The races are the week points IMO. That being said I have spent multiple hours driving, flying, and boating. The graphics are good, the vehicles sounds are great, and the map is huge with some real life landmarks and such. Car selection is ok nothing like a Forza game.

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