The Crew

Some of us have already talked about it in Discord chat but if you like open world racing, pick it up now as it is free with games with gold. Not as technical as Forza, but a very large map with tons of things to do.

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I downloaded it. Not sure when I will be able to get to it. Going to be MIA most of this week due to RL.

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Yes…yes…@D1G1TALC1PHERS is even talking about trying to get a GRG Cannonball event setup at sometime.

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I am tending to not do much of the mission stuff. More driving around unlocking the satellite stuff.

Old man racing… Should’ve just broke out the gold cart.

So THAT’S why I wasn’t able to even come close in the race. Got frustrated after 3 or 4 tries, rage quitted, and went back to OW.

LOL, I learned about this in BF4 and GTA. I couldn’t figure out why my tanks were so slow in BF4 or why I couldn’t shoot in GTA. It was the trigger stops.

I downloaded this game but it was stuck at 91% installed. I may have to re-install.

I picked it up. Haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve got this on PS4. Had to buy it after the wild run edition dropped with my motorcycle (Indian Scout) represented in it. It’s pretty solid–sort of like Forza Horizon crossed with recent Need for Speed. I really like the way it models the entirety of the USA on the map.

If the XBL version doesn’t have Wild Run included it’s worth considering. You have the graphics/physics patch in the main game so there’s parity but WR has a good set of standing missions.

Yeah i ended up getting the “Wild Run” DLC…now i am playing around in my Skyline Monster Truck.

I also picked it up when I saw it for free. I have yet to play it, but I’m down for some grg shenanigans. So, when’s the next crew night?

@mac79pr i am almost on nightly. Definitely willing to help anyone through the missions. PvP lobbies are fun as well

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