The Dark Tower

Looks like they will be adapting this book from Stephen King into a movie. This is a favorite of mine and a fan of the series. Even though I still haven’t fully completed it. Also the two lead characters have been announced as Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as the Gunslinger and “Man in Black” respectively.

I am not sure I get Idris as the Gunsliger, always pictured Clint in this role or a similar actor. Granted Clint is not really a choice now at 85.

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I think I read 2 of three of these. Will have to watch it.

There are actually 8 books. And if they are doing the dark tower its actually the 7th book in the series.

I read speculation that this first movie may be focusing on material in the middle books, focusing on Roland’s youth.

I am pretty sure I have read the first 3 maybe some of the 4th.

I tried to read the first but couldn’t get past king’s droning on… 20 pages to describe the desert is dry… I somehow skipped the 2nd and read the 3rd and was a lot more pleased with that book. Never really had an interest to go thru again and read them. Heard they were good, tho

First one is the most work to get through.

Read all the books and loved them. I think it took him something like 30 or so years for the series from start to finish. It shows to how this series is influenced from all his other books. There’s way to much story to be told with a movie or two. All I can ask is that it doesn’t end up like the dome show which other than the name shared nothing with the book.

I have started the first one twice now. Can’t seem to make it.

yeah the first one he wrote while he was in college. Drawing of the three is my favorite and man like in typical Stephen King fashion they are warped.

My favorite series ever! Love most of his work. And, I thought the first book was one of the best (ton of suspense). Me and my buddies would read the new book and then have a “palaver” about it. Wait, did I just say I was in a book club? Shit…