The Dawning Set To Bring Festive Cheer To Destiny 2

It looks like it’s not just Earth that celebrates during the winter season, at least according to Bungie. The ex-Halo developer has announced a winter-themed event for Destiny 2 called “The Dawning”, with some appropriate activities in which to partake.

Of course, the Tower and Farm are decorated for the occasion

You can’t have snow without somebody wanting a snowball fight, so Guardians will be able to chuck the white stuff at friend or foe. In the Tower and Farm, players will be able to tag friends with snowballs just for some bragging rights. In Strikes, you can use them to stun enemies and deal quite a bit of damage.

In the cold, it’s important to keep yourself warm and the blood pumping round the body. With that in mind, the Crucible Mayhem gametype returns with the much faster ability recharges and higher scoring matches that players of the first Destiny remember.

We’ve mentioned both Strikes and Crucible Mayhem already. Those who take part in those during the Dawning will be rewarded for their efforts with Dawning engrams for completing certain milestones. Players can also get in the giving mood with some new consumables that will give rewards to everyone with whom they’re playing. If players have their hearts set on a specific Dawning item, merchant Tess will be refreshing her inventory each week, allowing Bright Dust reserves to be used for some holiday shopping with every Dawning-themed exotic (ship, ghost, sparrow, emote) and legendary armour piece on her shelves at some point during the event.

Finally, in the spirit of the season of giving, players will be able to give (and receive) some special gifts. Available each day of the Dawning, players can buy a Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar before venturing to other worlds and crafting unique gifts for the Tower’s vendors and agents. While we all know it’s better to give than receive, players will also receive a gift in return.

The Dawning will begin in Destiny 2 this upcoming Tuesday, December 19th, running through the New Year before ending on January 9th.


i know what i am doing tomorrow

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Complaing about companies that give away cosmetic items to hide how disappointing their game actually is? Or is it just me?


I have no problems with D2, better start than D1 had anyways

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Yuppers I’m still grinding away and still enjoying D2. Looking forward to taking some snow in the face!

Is that code for something? I feel like that’s definitely code for something…


Hmmm…i gona go with. Yes. :joy: