The Division 2 Dark Zone Raid Night 3/19/20

These dark times require dark deeds so lets all gear up to enter the dark zone and do what we must to get the gear we need and eliminate those that plan to keep it from us. Its time to raid the lands of pvp to take all the loot or just kill. Sign up below so we can get this going and see how it all turns out. Sign ups get priority over shows up so get on it.

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I’m in if we can get 8. If not I’ll run the league missions.

I think he means just a Dark Zone run. So normal 4 man groups.

I saw raid. You think I’m going to read the whole thing?

I’m down for some DZ farming this evening.

He’s got it scheduled for 3/19 buuuut…

You can post up in the newly minted Community Night thread for Division action.

Bump for @DivisionPlayers. @SoulessGrimm is running a Dark Zone room to plunder all the loots.

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May be late please group up with other signs ups dont be shy I will be on when possible

How did this first adventure go?

I don’t think this one went as people no showed. Souless and I did venture into the Dark Zone for a little bit the other night. Lots of people going Rogue. Got killed, got kills. Then they started camping the spawn (2 different groups) so we bailed.

I’m iffy on Division 2’s Dark Zone, it’s just too small. While I like the thrill of getting ganked at any time I would also like some space to move around in.

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Well… Yer an easy gank so…

I loved how big the first DZ was.

Ya this split dark zone isnt as awesome but I’m hoping we can get in there and fuck shit up

I wonder if they have plans to expand the size of any of the three current DZs in later updates.

No idea but unlikely