The Division 2 Mega Thread

The Division 2 Reveals Raids, DLC Plans, Player Specs and More At Ubisoft E3 Presentation

  • 8 player raids
  • “Games as a Service”, future content will be free - 3 content DLC’s in year one
  • Player specs at level 30 - Demolitionist, Survivalist and Sharpshooter
  • Each spec has a specific weapon and skills - Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher
  • Heavily armored enemies can have their armor segments shot off
  • Loot Crates hanging from parachutes can be shot for loot
  • the map is 11km², which would mean it’s ‘75% larger’ than Division 1’s map. Washington DC at a 1:1 scale.
  • the Dark Zone is making a return
  • dynamic weather; Storms, lightning, thunder, rain
  • there will be control points you can liberate for civilians, they can then be overrun by enemies again - in the likes of Far Cry outposts

Division 2 GRG Clans are setup.

PC Clan = GRG Reapers
PS4 Clan = Reapers of GRG
Xbox Clan = GrimReaperGamer

It was a no-brainer given the first game’s success, but Ubisoft is making it official today with the announcement that it is making The Division 2, a sequel to 2016’s hit cover-based shooter.

A logo for the sequel appeared on Ubisoft’s servers this morning.

Shortly afterward, users of the Resetera forums spotted a possible press release.


I will be waiting for post-launch reviews of that.

Grab your gear cause year 3 is gonna be a busy year. State of the Game just confirmed massive is working on The division 2. And they have laid out all the things that will be taking place this year for the division.


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Division gets xbox one x upgrade in april @anon3687162 @Lala_Calamari

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So I hear Ubisoft is making The Division 2, anyone else hear that.


Oh shit, @Lala_Calamari, didja hear this?


@Grex - I also heard that Massive will not be the main studio. The rumor I heard on a YT video and a podcast was it would be “in house” with the core team of holdovers from the Red Storm team who did all the original GR franchise. I’ll go back and see if I can find that video.

This is awesome.

Legendary Missions

With Update 1.8.1, we will get two new Legendary missions, that will join Napalm Factory, Warrengate Powerplant and Time Square.

  • Amherst’s Apartment
  • Grand Central Station

Amherst’s Apartment is my go to, quick and dirty five to seven minute mission when on Hard.

@quantumklutz @ReaperMan10 @shortbus

You guys better buy a new backpack to carry me around in. The last one got a little worn out for Division 1 and I have high standards. No worn out POS backpack for me.


Can’t wait to rush through the story and then not touch it again. Unless they get rid of gear scores then I am may stick around. Love the setting, story, and game play. Not interested in grinding gear scores.

I’ll be your huckleberry

All year one content is free. This is looking even better.

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I’m excited to gear score grind with @D1G1TALC1PHERS. :joy:

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Play with me on my first play through and your are golden.

I bet you say that to all the GRG boys. :heart_eyes:


I don’t have to say anything. They just do.

I should probably amend my statement. It’s not gear score that bothers me. It’s the repetitive mission grinding that I am not a fan of. If they can make it not repetitive I am more likely to stick around. I can only save the same set of people so many time before I want to gouge my eyeballs out. “Like WTF man I saved you 3 times today already. You should be smart enough to stay the fuck at home.”

It’s kinda like watching The Walking Dead.