The Division 2 Patch Makes Sure All Players Can Reach World Tier 5

The last major update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 arrived two weeks ago, but that hasn’t stopped developer Massive Entertainment from deploying smaller patches to fix those more important nagging issues that crop up in between. The latest of those smaller patches has arrived today, fixing a bug that stopped players from progressing to World Tier 5, as well as another that stopped players from taking part in the Nelson Theater Classified Assignment. The full patch notes are below:

  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from entering Nelson Theater Classified Assignment
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not progress to World Tier 5.
  • Made improvements to the delivery of the arm patch for first week completion of Operation Dark Hours. Players who beat the raid in the first week should be granted their arm patch retroactively.

The patch was also supposed to include a fix that would cause players to spawn into an empty world when they matchmade for a Classified Assignment, but that fix has been delayed until an unknown date. Title Update 3.1 is also in progress and will introduce fixes that include thwarting rogue NPC behavior. In the meantime, today’s maintenance has been completed and the above fixes are available now.

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They need to hurry up and fix the bugged NPC AI and the armor glitch that has ruined PVP both of which affect everyone.

For those that play PVP stay out of the normalized DZ and Conflict until this is fixed.