The Division 2 will have Clan Support

The Division 2 will offer Clan support and Clan Progression. Clans will be limited to 50 players and will require 4 people to create one. I’m not sure why they have such a low limit but I’m not sure that will be a problem. I think most of GRG went Anthem with just a few going to Division.

Each Clan will allow up to 50 accounts with up to four characters each, which means you will have plenty of like-minded folks to play with you in The Division 2.

Creating one is easy, and is unlocked early in-game during the story progression. Anyone who has unlocked the feature can create their own, but to start progressing a clan, a total of four members is required.

Clan Progression in The Division 2

All in-game actions taken by members which provide experience points will also yield Clan XP (CXP) . Earning experience will help your clan level, which in turn provides additional benefits for each level the clan reaches up to level 30. CXO will also unlock additional customization options for the insignia, showcasing your clan’s veterancy.

Clans will also work together toward common goals such as weekly projects and a clan cache which can be upgraded. Both will rewards members upon completion. The weekly clan cache requires a weekly CXP goal to be reached with additional stretch goals.

There are three tiers of reward : bronze, silver and gold. Reaching bronze unlocks guaranteed rewards, while reaching silver and gold will further improve the week’s rewards.

Clan projects are weekly tasks and will boost your CXP upon completion, and each focuses on a particular aspect of the game. Should your clan complete all weekly projects, it will receive an additional, large amount of CXP.