The Division Beta

So who is ready for this beta??
Its happening the 28th for XBone users and the 29th for ps4 users
The 27th us ps4 users are able to preload the game, so be on the look out. If you havent pre ordered…do it now.
Trying to start a general consensus on who might be playing…
But if you are, lets try to get something started

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I might, I might not.

Depends on if they added content from the Alpha or not. Alpha had about an hours worth of PVE and some darkzone.

I got other games I really should finish before the game actually releases.

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I will be play this for sure.

Code is entered and I am ready.

Got the invite for the beta, will be participating

I’ll most likely check it out again. I already played the Alpha and enjoyed that. Don’t want to spend too much time in the beta, I’d like to keep some things new and fresh when the game ships.

I’ll be on because I didn’t play the Alpha.

Ps4 beta redemption code…i have an extra.
Go to and enter this
Join me dammit!

I’ll be on the beta Fo sho. Just gotta pick which console!

Beta on XB1. If the beta is good, I’m in, if not, I gotta lotta backlog games…

Well…on the 29th ill be getting alot of people together…at least the people on my list together. Hope to see you all there

Iron Banner will be out that weekend and I really need gear for my PS4 account so the time I got to play I will be focusing on that.

I already know I am getting Division, playing the beta won’t change that so I am fine with that. I do plan to play on both consoles but will definetly be working on XB1 first.

Apparently they are rolling out beta codes, checked my uplay account and its not there yet, but im on ps4. Maybe xbone players are getting theirs first? Anyways, just a heads up

According to their FAQ, if you pre-ordered through the PS Store or the XBox equivalent, there is no code necessary. You are automatically entered into the beta and will be able to download it.

i got my code off amazon and had to enter through the uplay crap…but thats better than what i have to do

Enjoy homie

Got my code!

yup got my code as well. See you guys online

My pants have tightened when i seen my code…

I don’t know if every gold member is getting them, but I already had one from the game’s site, so I now find myself with two codes for the beta. So, anyone without a code that wants to play, kneel down, limber up your jaw, and start makin’ like a circus seal. Hope you like mayo…

or, you know, whoever uses it first.