The Division Collectors edition goes on amazon, $160?!?!

Can’t find much info on this… figure $60 for game, $40 for season pass… artbook, watch, and armband for the other $60??? no idea what the arm-band really is. If i like the beta, ill consider the $100 version with the pass… but i don’t wanna get Destiny’d.

Pass for me. I’ll get the standard version.

Pass. I’m not even getting this stupid game.



No thanks. $48 post-GCU for the standard game will do very nicely, TYVM.

$80 for gold edition!!

LOVE GCU. Turned in bf hardline, witcher 3, mortal kombat, The crew, and GTA V (360) for $150!!!

What is this GCU you speak of?

Gamers Club unlocked at best buy. it’s on sale right now, $30 for 2 years.