The Division Drops Chests For Season Pass Owners

Massive Entertainment announced that the owners of the Season Pass for Tom Clancy’s The Division would get special events before launch. While there was quite a sizeable delay, the events finally go live in a slightly reformed way.

Starting today, a chest will drop somewhere in Manhattan and you can loot the chest when it’s dropped. The chest is guarded by a group of level 32 NPC’s and you’ll need to battle to reap your rewards. The items are said to adapt to your Gear Score and will be 3 High-End or Gear Set items. There will be new chests on the first and 15th of the month and the old chest will be lost on these dates. For everyone fed up with the Dark Zone, there’s good news: the chests drop in the normal zone and that means that you won’t fight any players when trying to claim it.

Massive also announced that update 1.4 will bring randomized locations for these chests, as well as an increased drop rate.

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