The Division - Everything you need to know

nothing in that sounds bad. It sounds prefect to me in everyway…This concerns me.

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BTW…there’s a rumor floating around that a public beta may be happening in March. According to some sites, the Alpha may be around the GDC, which runs March 2nd through 6th.

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It is all a bed of lies!! I call bullshit to the thread title. I want to know the release date.

You can pre-order it now. Give Lamestop your money. Let them earn interest.

No more preorders for me ever!!! (unless I can get a soundtrack)

Now I see what all these Division rumblings are about, looks pretty pretty good…
Might have to pre-order

what is the release date?.


2015 is all they’re saying at this time. There’s speculation we get a release window from Ubisoft next week during GDC.

The more I see the more I want.

Game looks so Fucking awesome. Can’t wait. Would be awesome to get all of GRG into a single dark zone.


I really want this to be a good one. 50-100 players? That’s insane! !

Why? if the area is big enough why does it matter? GTA has 30 players now, but you can play a session and not see anybody.

I’m hoping we can get most of our clan in one server, or however it works. I really think this is something a lot of us can get into. I think it will offer something to everyone. Good Co-Op, good loot grind. and hopefully good PvP.

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I agree. If you play battlefield the way it’s meant to be there is nothing chaotic about it. But ppl want the chaos so they have these new modes that promote it.

More I hear about the division the more excited o get. And I hope that public alpha is real.

FYI: Don’t argue games with Dixon. It’s so not worth the time or effort.

All I know is this game makes me want to touch myself.

you have no idea what you have just asked for. my god have mercy on your soul.

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I predict that @Agent_Orange00’s inbox will be full of waterfalls (what landdon calls dick pics).