The Division: GRG Thoughts

Just curios to what everyone is thinking about the Division now that we got a night into the game. Did it live up to your expectations? Having fun? What do you like / dislike about the game?

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There was one moment from last night were I just said “This is awesome” out loud. It was a fire fight where we had 3 guys with LMGs firing at us inside a garage. So many bullets just flying by our heads. If there are more moments like that this game is gonna be awesome.

I really haven’t dove into it enough to comment on all the gear, perks, etc.


My only complaint so far is repetitive NPC comments which can be annoying. Besides that fantastic so far, towards the end I was on my own and still enjoyed running around the streets of NYC.

I’m all in. I think game looks and feels great. There isn’t a shortage of stuff to do yet. All in all, a good little game.

As far as the chest stuff, I’m frustrated as well. It didn’t even dawn on me to build a “mule” char until I read it on reddit. That being said, I know what I have to do as soon as I get home lol…

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I thought reddit was only good for porn…

Great game.

I think this will filter out the good from the bad or inexperienced when it comes to the harder content.

From what I have seen, hard mode is just that, it’s hard. The downside to that is making sure you have a premade. I don’t think using a pug group will work very well. Just to big of what they consider is the standard of player skill.

I will not confirm nor deny what caused my initial visit to reddit…


We struggled through the first one on hard because @Grex is wannabe MLG. We got through it but it was rough. Of course we were lacking medkits and didn’t have the heal skill. I don’t think it will be so bad now.

It is pretty much what I expected after playing the betas. The big thing I like is now we are starting to see the different abilities come together. Like I have the support station and a guy on my team had the cover mod, using both of those gives you a lot of defensive allowing you to take a little more hits and try dish out damage or suppress.

Dislike is get no character experience in Dark Zone, gives me no reason to want to do it until I max out.

So far I’m digging the game. Mechanics work well and there seems to be a ton to do. @anon3687162 is right about the NPC’s repetitive dialogue. The constant yells of “They got Alex” is getting a little tiresome.

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I ignore the NPCs like I ignore GRG members.


Which of comes as no BIG surprise to GRG members .

So far doing the PvE and have leveled up to 9 last night . Going to get to Level 10 and then go into the Dark Zone and get mugged later to night .

If I notice I’m lacking on gear, example -3 levels from what I really am, I hop into DZ to get gear rather quickly.

Enjoyed the first night running in a duo group for a few hours. Fun just running through the streets doing encounters and also running one of the missions as well.

Looking forward to pissin’ the wife off royally with excessive gaming on it over the next week-ish.

I like it so far. Is there any way to get 3 or 4 teams of 4 on the same server for some DZ shenanigans? That would be a blast.

I’m enjoying the game very much. I haven’t used my season pass code yet in case I didn’t like itand wanted to sell it as “gold edition” , but there’s tons of missions, nothing seems repetitive yet. The missions that I played have good variety and the enemy AI is fucking smart!!! Each faction tracks differently and as I encounter higher enemy levels, it’s not just a number, they flank, they throw grenades, they build turrets, dive out of the way of nades.n can’t imagine what the level 25-30 “drones” act like.

I played for 9 hours, started from the beginning with Savvy and Grim. Around midnight I switched parties to join Nola and danman.

I never thought I would have a need for the +75% ammo perk but I ran out of ammo twice in the construction yard mission. The enemy can build turrets? ??? Wasnt expecting that.

I’m excited to get with a group and match our abilities and loadouts to compliment eachother. Like mentioned, the heal station, cover abilities seems like the perfect fit. It’ll also be a lot easier when we can equip a third ability.

My biggest complaint right now is the vendors. Each one has different inventory and it’s a pain going from place to place to find what I want. This would be a great opportunity for a mobile app. Just a list of stuff with the location next to it.

Some ppl got 2 groups into the same DZ in the beta. If it is possible, it’s going to be hard for 16 ppl to all be the same rank to access the same server.

It would be pure luck. At least in the beta, whenever a 4th joined our group, we would migrate to another DZ session. Happens when more than 24 players are in the same DZ.

I’m digging it. Got to level 9 last night by doing side stuff and the first three missions, one for each of the B.o.o wings. Doing the blue wing first is pretty legit just because you get that 10% xp boost to all activities. I’m loving that when you actually flank an enemy that they don’t see you and you get the jump on them. Not like some other games where the computer already knows where you are even though no NPCS were watching you. Crafting seems kinda intimidating, but is actually pretty easy.

I would recommend around 13-14 you go into the dark zone if you haven’t before. Level up to 13-14 and if you are hurting on anything special, buy it with your DZ cash. Once you roll over, you cant buy anything in the DZ until you are lvl 30.

You can solo DZ atm pretty easily. Throw down a turret before running up to the line and pull out an LMG just in case. If NPCs spawn, throw down a flashbang, hook up and run for it. I usually get a feel of the landing zone before I set off the evac. There aren’t too many ppl going rogue atm. If they are get their names from a distance, and if you see them at the drop zone, don’t trust them.

I think the amount you go rogue (dmg you do) adds to the amount of time you are rogue. So, an accidently sniper shot is like 15 secs, but killing someone is over 75 secs.

Also, you can leave drops on the ground for quite a while. At one point I had 9-10 drops handing around. Took a shit came back and they were still there while I was at the vendor.

I wouldn’t recommend fast traveling and coming back. They do disappear after a while. I would guess at least 15 min.