The Division Last Stand Teaser Trailer

ummm.ok that tell me nothing other than you can setup fortifications. But I am guessing a horde mode type of deal.

This is “supposed” to a PVP focused game mode, so my guess is more Control or Conquest but not much in that Teaser trailer to go on…

Watching the Live Stream. Here are talking points from the stream:

  • DarkZone Nearly doubled in size in terms of play area
  • More rooftop areas
  • Can transverse from DZ 6 to DZ 7-9 (DZ North)
  • More Internal areas
  • More PVP Focused
  • DZ size increased, but not player count towards DZ.
  • possibly no rogue status in DZ North (unclear)
  • Last Stand = objective based PVP(8v8)
  • 3 Tactical Zones/ Domination type
  • Queue up solo or upto groups of 4
  • Spawning close to players on your team
  • Some gear normalization
  • 4 fortifications in each ‘home’ zone that can be activated
  • Last Stand Ranks
  • Score sheet at end of match
  • New Incursion coming
  • New PvE content coming
  • AlphaBridge Gear set will be nerfed
  • No Gear score increase

Other Information discussed

  • One of top Division PVPers
  • Eventually adding DarkZone Leaderboards in the future
  • More information to be announced in next 24hrs.
  • Last Stand is step 1 in organized PVP for the Division, more to come eventually.
  • Last Stand/ update 1.6 will release across all platforms at same time.
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Latest Game New on Last Stand.

A reddit post I just saw…alittle more organized then what I posted. But I was typing as I was watching the live stream lol.