The Division Lowbie Night - 2/11/18

New to The Division? Haven’t picked it up in ages? Want to start a new character? We have the night for you! On 2/11, join @JohnnyHustler on the Xbox side, and @unobtainaballs and @SoInZane on Playstation to get ranked up and some of that sweet, sweet loot!

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@DivisionPlayers @PlayStationPlayers

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I just uninstalled this :frowning: if it becomes more regular I’ll re-install it


You wanna get yourself an external HD.

Sign me up for the Xbox side.

I’ll be on tonight if anyone needs a boost. We can power run through some missions on hard to get you some major exp and levels @DivisionPlayers

Bump for the event. Please reply to this thread if interested so @JohnnyHustler knows who to look for.

Also, I think there was some PS4 interest in this. Who was heading that up? @PlayStationPlayers

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@unobtainaballs and @SoInZane


Jeez, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten rid of my copy last year…

Im on now and will be throughout the day… running with some cool guys down to help. Hit me up anytime today and we’ll join up.


If you plan on making a new toon (becuase unlike Johnny you actually played the game) make sure you get through the early stages stuff where you can’t join in on people.

Started feeling ridiculously cruddy this afternoon. So gonna need to back out of this evening. Apologies guys.