The Division: Microsoft Locks Down 30-Day Xbox One Exclusivity For First Two Paid Division DLC Packs

I hate it but unfortunately money talks.

Yea sucks for gamers that aren’t douchey fanbois.

How do you stop this BS? We need to have at least two console manufacturers to keep the industry honest but what good does the exclusivity do for anyone? The game developers get a few extra bucks but the customer gets the shaft. I could kick myself for buying the season pass for COD this time and then having to wait 4 months for the first one to come out.

The way I look at it is Xbox has to deal with the beta period of the content. By the time it reaches ps4 and PC, it should be balanced and mostly bug free.


I think they look at this as a reoccurring revenue stream and what they are providing is a game as a service. They see that the market value of a retail game has not changed and will not change for the foreseeable future, they also cannot increase revenue and growth just by pumping out more games. Model is not sustainable. So they need to look at the “application as a service” model and tweak that to the gaming business.

Getting more money by releasing it in one console first is simply the added bonus on how desperate console manufacturers are willing to up the competition.

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I think the exclusives are tiring at this point and they do it to drive the console split… Period

How does this give MS a bad name when PlayStation does the exact same thing?

What is the benefit? I can see @Grex point about making the game produce as much money as possible over the course of its life time. However, this timed exclusive thing does nothing but split the community more and anger those that aren’t getting it. Gamers on the counter console get shafted, and the publisher will likely hear nothing but slack from the community (save the exclusive console players).

Ranting only because I just bought the season pass for the game last night, so I’m a little tender about this. They better have all the kinks worked out of the DLCs when they drop for the pleb-consoles.

They don’t do if for the gamers. The console maufactures do it to one up the competition. We get screwed while they laugh cause they spent pocket change to say FU to the competition.