The Division Patch Notes for Update 1.3

There’s too much to list here, so if you care click this…:broken_heart:

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I’ll be playing tonight on Xbox One to check out the DLC and update. I’m home from work around 7PST if anyone is wanting to squad up. I bought the season’s pass, so I’ll play the DLC begrudgingly.

I went to make sure everything updated this morning, and the game failed to launch 5 times and received error codes two more times. So we’ll see if playing is actually possible or not.

Downloading the patch now…just finished reading the article and watching the videos… @anon3687162 The shinny penny has released… Will be tied up in the division now for awhile.

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Ran 2 underground missions…gained a few “gear set” pieces, earn a few underground ranks… the randomly generated "dungeons is definitely a interesting concept. So far I am enjoying it. A big Thumbs up for the PVE side of the division.

Is it a more difficult area and requiring higher DPS? Or pretty standard for level 30 operatives?

So there are 4 settings for Difficulty:

Difficulty : Recommended Gear Score
Normal : 112
Hard : 160
Challenging : 200
Heroic : 230