The Division’s Beta is So Popular, Ubisoft Can No Longer Guarantee Access

So this sucks. Hope they extend it. A way to get around this, link your console to a friends. Then download it that way.

Have you not received your The Division beta codes yet? We have some bad news to break to you — Ubisoft can no longer gurantee access, even to those who pre-ordered the game. In a recent entry on the UbiBlog, Ubisoft said that “unprecedented demand for access to The Division Closed Beta” is going to lock people out.

People who have already pre-ordered of course will have priority — Ubisoft is working close with unnamed partners to try and give everyone access tomorrow. Meanwhile, those on the wait list may get in, but it seems doubtful — “space will be severely limited.”

I got my email today stating there were to many people playing for me to get a code and enjoy staying on the waiting list.