The Division - Show Off Your Gear: Gear Screenshots

Ok you have been gear grinding for hours so lets see what you have found in NYC…

My Current Gear:

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Fucking hipster haircut.


Seems like he’s shooting for “The Baron” look from Into The Badlands.


Looks like mackelmore


Just one slot left for all gold. Got 100% security too. 520 left for medical and 400 For tech.

Still would like a gold assault instead of the vector, or m60

I can actually get that 129k up to 133k using my Assault rifle gloves, but I’m currently wearing SMG gloves to up the Vector up to 117k. Can’t say I like the Vector much, kinda prefer my purple AUG, but it tops out at 106k, and doesn’t have the extra 30% critical damage skill that the vector does. I need to do some HE gear farming, I’d like to get my health up to 75k. Also I keep a Police backpack on me for an extra 75% ammo capacity, then switch back to the one here. You get to keep the extra ammo.

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