The Division: Survival Mode

The upcoming Division Survival mode DLC sounds interesting. Looks to be a take DayZ and H1Z1 (@D1G1TALC1PHERS you might like this one).

With that said, the game’s Survival DLC is about as aptly named as you can get. During a livestream on the official The Division Twitch channel, Ubisoft showcased brand new DayZ/H1Z1-inspired PVP and PVE modes, where players enter an arena and start with nothing but a pistol and low-level gear. As the match progresses, players must pick up food and supplies to survive and craft new and better equipment while making their way to the center of Manhattan to retrieve some medicine. On top of that, you have to keep your character from freezing to death in the face of a harsh blizzard bearing down on New York City.

Expect to see it for Patch 1.5.

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In my experience with the Divison you cant kill a guy with a baseball bat with a full clip of LMG, so good luck surviving with a pistol (Unless they have completely changed the gane). Hope so, I bought the gold ed.

@Johneffinggalt - the patch 1.4 addressed a lot of items including Bullet Sponges, added world tiers to help you know what level of rewards are dropping and improved Skills, Abilities, Weapon Talents, etc…

Worth an hour of your time to see if the changes suit your play style. I am back to enjoying my time and I was able to gear up from 182 to roughly 215 in about two hours of open world play time.


I recently reinstalled this, and actually got a little excited in my pants about what you wrote. Thanks for that


I might revisit this again. I did buy the season pass so I should try to get my moneys worth. Need some shiny pennies to dull a bit. BF1 is so damn good.

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That’s great to hear. i will fire it back up.

Take some time to play Tier 2 and Tier 3 to gauge the difference before you dive headfirst in to Tier 4. Tier 2 will drop GS 163 items, Tier 3 GS 182 items and Tier 4 GS 229 items

I will be on tonight, maybe @quantumklutz also, we can take some people farming outside the DZ, I know where all the bosses are on the normal map. Tier 4 so you can get the high end gear. There are 8 bosses, hit me up I will be on from 615pm if you want to get some good gear.

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