The Division Update 1.7 Details Global Events, Commendations and Classified Gear

Massive Entertainment are doing what they can for the long-time serving and dedicated agents still out fighting the good fight in the cold and harsh streets of Tom Clancy’s The Division. With support still continuing in the form of free events and updates in year two of the game, the team has been sharing details on what’s to come in Update 1.7.

Global Events
Experience the open world of the game in a different way with Global Events that will be available in the Players versus Enemy world upon reaching the end game.

Modifiers and More
The Global Modifiers will be tied to the to stories and events happening in the game. These will act like the modifiers that can be enable during “Underground” missions where players could make enemies tougher and smarter or allow enemies to use special types of ammo. Custom modifiers will also be available too but only as part of special Global Event Playlists which will include Incursions as well as main missions.

Activity Modifiers will allow for players to put their preferred twist on the Global Event or use a select set of Group Modifiers which gives you and your squad a chance to test each other’s ability to work as a team and cooperate.

Tokens, Caches, Cosmetics, and More
For playing any of the Global Event activity sessions, whether they are modified or unmodified, players will earn tokens. Usable at the new Global Event vendor, players can treat themselves to sealed caches that contain new elements in the world of The Division. At the moment, only “Unique Vanity items” have been mentioned as the reward for those participating in Global Events. More news on this is to come in the weeks ahead.

Massive went on to detail more on the different modifiers:

Global Modifiers
The Global Modifiers, or the event itself, are always going to be a positive modifier that is specifically designed to assist the player in the game world. These can be an aid to the player as well as a source of new experiences, and should help any players struggling with a specific piece of content not only complete it, but complete it in a new and interesting way.

Group Modifiers
And finally, Group Modifiers. These specific modifiers are the next step in the evolution of the Activity Modifier. They retain the positive element of the Global Modifier, the extra challenge of the Activity modifier, and add an extra layer of group required tactics to the mix. These will require some coordination and teamwork, but the benefit is BIG.

Activity Modifiers
Activity Modifiers on the other hand are not only positive to the agent, they also add a slight challenge on top to push the player to a new height. Think of them as something that will work in tandem with a Global modifier to bring you the same bonus, but at a slight cost.

The plan for Global Events is currently to run them once a month for a full week. In between these events, players will be able to earn extra loot and XP with Double Reward style weekend events.

What was once known as “Feats”, Commendations are part of The Division’s built in achievement system being introduced into the game with Update 1.7. For completing the tasks behind the achievements, players will earn a different range of rewards. The tasks will come with three major goals:

  • Provide a challenge to the player that will reward them based on their skill or perseverance in game.
  • Encourage players to experiment within the structure of the game as a way to help explore all the possibilities inside The Division.
  • Reward players with something special and new as a way to showcase their success in game.

The Commendations are still currently in the works but Massive is hoping to include over 500 different ones from all modes in the game in both PvP and PvE. Commendations will be awarded for different roles, play styles, and a mix of short, mid, and long term tasks.

Commendation Types
The types of Commendations will be put together from three main branches of tasks:

  • Challenge: Complete an action with stipulations increasing the challenge
  • Statistical: Achieve a milestone in a specific statistic
  • Checklist: Complete a checklist of actions that are all related to one another

Commendation Score
Once you complete a Commendation, you will be reward with a Commendation Score. This score will depend on how difficult the task was and will be visible to both you and other agents.

Another entirely new feature will be Patches that serve as the final mark for outstanding agents and can only be earned through Commendations. You’ll have seen the SHD icon arm band that every agent has on their right arm. Once Update 1.7 releases, players will be able to rock their newly earned Patch instead and showcase their proficiency to other agents.

Classified Gear

When it comes to enjoying the end game content in The Division, there are various activities you can take part in. Whether it be completing daily challenges, trying your luck in “Survival”, or causing misery for that poor lone wanderer in the Dark Zone, one of the main aims of the end-game is to find and acquire some sweet pieces of gear to experiment with different builds and weapons. The team has introduced Classified Gear, “designed from the ground up” to give players more content to hunt at the end-game. Even though you may have already been maxed out with the top gear score for several months now, obtaining the new Classified Gear won’t negatively impact your existing gear as it will drop at gear score 256 no matter which World Tier you are playing in.

Massive details the stat ranges of gear pieces and how the Classified Gear will always be a buff to what you currently have now:

Stat Ranges
Classified Gear will ALWAYS roll a higher value than the standard gear equivalent. Currently, gear in the max level drops with a main stat range of 1114-1272. Classified Gear, however, drops with main stat rolls within a higher range, 1273-1328. Meaning that even at the lower end of that range, a piece of Classified Gear is a guaranteed buff to your build. This increased range is an actual 35% buff to the available main stat ranges in game. While in any Normalized modes like Last Stand, Classified Gear acts like a standard 256 gear set piece, so that the expanded stat range does not create an imbalance when facing off against 256 standard gear. The Classified Gear 5 and 6 piece bonuses, if unlocked, DO take effect even in Normalized play, creating a still unique element to the set.

Classified Bonuses
With extra stats come extra bonuses too. The Classified Gear can be mixed with Standard Gear so you can still use 2-4 piece bonuses of either or both sets. This will still buff your loadout thanks to the Classified pieces thanks to their higher stat rolls. Should you manage to get hold of five or six pieces of this new gear type in one loadout, you’ll really start to feel some serious power. Five pieces of this gear will buff up your two and three piece bonuses as well as the individual bonuses.

The 6 Piece
A first for The Division, players will soon have the option to match six pieces of gear for new bonuses. There’s never been a point in matching six pieces of gear so far but now, if you’re interested in fully investing in one type of gear, you will benefit from a “gear set specific bonus that is in line with the identity of that set”. For example, if you’re a fan of the Tactician’s Authority set, six pieces of this gear will reward you with what will hopefully be a very beneficial bonus in line with the tactical style of this gear.

Classy Recalibration
Classified Gear looks to be a must have for those wanting to gain that extra edge over other agents, but what a heart-breaker it would be if you obtained a piece of this gear and it came with stats that just weren’t for you. Thankfully, two stats for each piece of this gear will be able to be rolled at the Recalibration Station rather than just one stat like it is for the other gear pieces. Players will have a much better chance at rolling the Classified Gear to their preference with the option to roll one main stat and one major/minor stat.

How To Get Classified
This particular range of gear will be introduced as part of a Global Event as a debut of said gear and also as a reward to start off the event. Play Global Events, earn tokens and then purchase caches for a chance to obtain the new gear. The price of the caches will vary but the more expensive the cache is, the more chance you’ll have at obtaining Classified Gear.

Don’t worry if you miss out on certain pieces of Classified Gear after a Global Event has ended as the Classified sets from each event will be added to the common loot pool after the event has finished. The drop chance of the gear will be similar to Exotics and can be found by doing almost anything in the game from earning Field Proficiency caches, to completing daily or weekly challenges.

The Classifieds Firsts
Massive will be using the Public Test Server again ahead of the Update’s release for a chance for PC gamers to try and test out all of the elements of the update as well as six Classified Gear sets:

  • Classified Lonestar
  • Classified Final Measure
  • Classified Deadeye
  • Classified Sentry’s Call
  • Classified Striker
  • Classified Reclaimer

A release date is yet to be confirmed for Update 1.7.

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I dove back in for an hour this weekend and had fun. Not sure if it will go back in the rotation, but the load outs and new game modes made it fun again.

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Apparently diving back in got me an invite to the PTS for the XB1. Lucky me.
Might have to check out the PTS details

Your lucky, I have been playing and didn’t get one