The Division's Last Stand and Update 1.6 Details

There’s too much for me to bother posting, so check the link.

Update 1.4 was a pretty big turning point for Tom Clancy’s The Division. After giving the game a huge overhaul, developer Massive quickly followed up with Update 1.5 that brought plenty more changes and the game’s second paid expansion - Survival. The team continues with their original Year One DLC plan and has now unleashed a huge wave of details for the upcoming "Last Stand" DLC as well as Update 1.6.

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I’m really liking everything I am hearing about 1.6 . This update sounds like it is going to be awesome. New changes to the dark zone and the new event every hour. Plus the fact that alpha bridge is getting nerf is good. That way there is more build diversity instead of all this cookie cutter build shit. Also there is a change to tactian’s authority. All in all I’m wait for them to bring this and get some new challenges. And I know lala’s tomato meter just went up cause of this. Sorry lala no more alpha bridge

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Also forgot about the new talents the named or as they are called now exotic weapons sound awesome

1.6 patch notes

New 1.6 PTS patch notes subject to be modified but looking good all new weapons and their talents