The Elder Scrolls Online: Become the Necromancer

Trailer for the new Necromancer class for the upcoming ESO DLC, Elseweyr.

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My favorite type of toon to play is necromancer, so I may look into picking this up and starting back. I started a necro Diablo 3 toon on the switch recently and it’s fun to play.

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I’m debating on how I want to tackle Elsweyr. I love Necromancer classes and really enjoyed Guild Wars 2 Necromancer. @Grex remembers how they were just loot bag collecting machines in WvWvW. At the same time I really dig my High Elf Sorcerer. While he’s pretty much all geared up (probably need to update some things) I can still earn Champion Points which are earned account wide. So every character past 50 automatically gets access to the unlocked Champion points. I’m currently in the 500s of the 810 available points.

Good news is they have now capped Champoin Points to 810 forever.

Maybe I will just create a new Necro and run through the new DLC first for shits and giggles. Or do GRG leveling nights if there is any interest.

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Here is a good guide to get you started on the Necromancer while you level.

So I got to 29 just from Elswyer (and a fuck ton of XP boosts) and I’m not sure the Necro is a class for me. I prefer to do PvP in Cyrodiil or maybe some battlegrounds. The Necro is ranked the lowest viable class for both (Magicka and Stamina builds) and I can see why. The class has no mobility or gap closes and relies on fights taking place in a standstill. For Magicka I have to have them stand in my AOEs. Also Stalking Blastbones is apparently bugged a bit in PvP.

Meanwhile, my main is a Magicka Sorcerer and is rated the top for PvP. And my 2 alts are top rated as well. One is a Stamina Nightblade and the other is the Stamina DragonKnight.

So the Necro will probably join the ranks of my Templar and Warden. I’m surprised being a new class it’s so weak. I’m guessing it may be good for PvE but I haven’t really looked at those builds.