The Expanse (TV Show Spoilers)

I can’t wait for this to return. Such a great Sci Fi show. I highly recommend watching Season 1. This show is along the same lines as the Battlestar Galactica reboot, nice and gritty.


This show and the books are phenomenal. Props to @Bigfish for suggesting it.

I need to get on the books. I’ve been slacking on my reading. Still have to finish my Tween series. This series is up next.

oh nice. yeah good show. defintely on my watch list.

Really liked season one.

It looks like season 1 is now available via Amazon Prime.

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It is on UK Netflix too!

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I may have to watch again just to get back up to speed. I’m still early into book 6 and am digging this series as a whole. Love the casting of Bobbie Draper!

My TiVo recorded a thing SyFy is showing called The Expanse Expanded which is a behind the scenes look. May be a good watch for big fans of the series.

Yea it was hosted by Adam savage. It’s also on the expanse web page on scify, if you haven’t browsed it, it’s not bad. A little more marketing, but gives you a little closer look into the actors and such.

Bumping due to the 2nd week of the show being out.

So far so good. I liked how they did a long first episode, technically 2 which sucks cause we get shorted a week. Then in the 3rd episode they stick to the books a bit. They mesh the two books fairly well into the seasons as it’s an easier way to tell the whole story. In the books, sometimes you just went along with the ride and it was all explained later. So far they’ve covered 2 books and a novella (butcher of Anderson station) and they’ve done a pretty good job at it.

The space scenes are phenomenal in this series. For a sho on SciFy, it’s well made.

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Have to agree. Earlier episodes I was trying to tie book stuff in to how the show was going. Recent episode really put things together with the books and I see where it is going.

The space battle was brutal. The way the bullets just rip through the ship. That’s nasty.

This is probably my 2nd favorite show. The BSG remake is number one (minus the last season). It’s done very well.

Yea the PDC bulllets are crazy, and you have to maneuver thru them. But what was puncturing the ship was rail gun lead. They mention it when they were talking with Alex about the damage the Roci took. Looked as if there were like 6 rail rounds that went thru, one almost hitting the reactor core. Makes sense cause thats what popped the medic in season 1. Great f’n scene

@anon3687162 episode 5 was pretty awesome! Love to see what’s coming next.

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I loved how they showed Julie and how she had transformed. My only complaint about the episode and it is minor was Julie wasn’t going to go to Venus, Miller laid against her and then crash in to Venus.

My take on that is that when Miller took his helmet off he started to become one with the protomolecule and his existence and conscience then became one with it allowing Eros to shift trajectories

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Loved the end of the most recent episode. Of course knew what was coming from the books but it was still worth it.

Agreed! Love how they are spinning these. And intertwining them together.

Nice job with the Bobbi dynamic this week. Had been unsure if we would see Prax this season but now looks like next week.