The Lamps in the Crota raid

I’ve learned how to do the lamps on normal with all 3 kinds of toons. If you wanna know how just hit me up and I’ll be glad to show you. I’m not an expert on it and it takes me about 30-45 minutes for the titan and warlock but hell I don’t care to show anyone that wants to learn it. I don’t speak but jump in with me and tell me you wanna do it and we can make it happen. This may be old news but whatever!

can you record yourself doing it. make a video?

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I dont have the tech. I learned on the youtube but if you wanna do it on our channel someone can record me or whatever.

Good God Grexy.

Please don’t ask Jackal to record himself.

Rumor has it Reddit is full of Jackal “recording himself”.

probably just get 30mins of him dancing in his batman costume.


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I’d expect no less.