The last wish XBOX raid sunday 2/9 afternoon(ish)

Looks like the last wish raid won the poll that @valiantvictory created!
We haven’t come up with a set time to run it yet so let’s shoot for 1230-1 I’m also open to a different time so make some suggestions!
I believe at this point we are all over leveled for this raid, so I dont think light level matters too much here.
If its your first time in the last wish raid feel free to look up some guides or watch a YouTube video. I can try and teach it to people but bear with me it’s been a while since I’ve ran this raid as well.
Let’s get you your 1 thousand voices!!!



I’m in

Connor raid during the day but I’ll catch the next one maybe

Im down

This is for Sunday right?

If you plan to do it on Saturday like someone said then I’m out, my wife is gone and I don’t have time. Plus I might go hunting

I’m in if we are jumping to the last level. Don’t have enough time to run the entire raid. 1:00 ish works.

Yeah @sabre7d this is for sunday

@Sniper_T1 I believe were going to be running the whole raid

@SourSmokE89 yup I’m going on a wild hog hunt Sunday