The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [WiiU] E3 Trailor

I may buy a WiiU just to play this game. I have always enjoyed the Zelda collection; Ocarina of Time is one of my all-time favorite games. This looks like an Elder Scrolls type open-game crossed with Zelda. So excited.


I wan’t to play it but not buying a WiiU for it. Guess I will play it in 10 years on a emulator. They really need to just start making games.

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Well, I may finally get some use out of my WiiU.

I was contemplating getting one to play Kart with the kids…now I may have to.

I agree Ocarina is one of my fave all times too…I bought the Wii to play Zelda - what a disappointment.

What’s Nintendo ???

That’s a company that’s been around half as long as you…

I was just watching footage of this. It looks beautiful and the combat system seems to be really well done. If I owned a WiiU I’d buy this game, but I won’t go out and buy one just for this. I didn’t see anything else from Nintendo that impressed me at all, which is a shame because the Zelda series is one of my favorites.

We have an N64 to play Mario Kart and Ocarina of Time.
I have no need for later Nintendo consoles…