The Most Disappointing Games of 2014

Can you guess what #1 was?

The Most Disappointing Games of 2014

I didn’t play any of those shitty games. Number 1 is surprising, according to @beers_and_leafs1 it’s the best game evar.


I don’t get why Titanfall is there either. The game worked and played as advertised. They never did promise a SP campaign, did they?

Don’t know about you guys…but Forbes isn’t the place I go to for my gaming news. :smirk:

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biggest disapointment? i can see #1 being where it is. in the beta everyone was imagining these other planets. we got a few hours to do a missoin in a new area and instead explored the whole area, thinking wow this is huge. cant wait to see what is actually in the real game.

nope. that was it. there wasnt anything blocked off in the beta, that was all there was to that area as far as exploration. explore the galaxy… eh explore parts of 4 planets…

PVP… so excited for all the custom games to make. people on the net were talking about having races with the vehicles. using them for CTF… then… nothing…

i played that game alot longer than i would have since i had 4 people to play with consitstantly. if it wasnt for this clan, and my friend louis. I prolly woulda stopped playing WAY efore 70 hours.

I think destiny was innovative and tried something new. I just didn’t like it during the beta and so I never went back to it. I can see how some could think of it as very disappointing.

I think Destiny was an ambitious project. They did a decent job for the most part. The complete lack of story is baffling though. Bungie was known for their Halo story. The other main issue is the repetition and grind.

I don’t think I’d have it as #1 on the list. I’m not even sure I’d have it on the list. I guess it’s there due to the hype train. Games like Halo MCC and AC Unity should be higher as they weren’t even playable.

im looking at it as most disapointing, not most broken. that might be difference in order between ppl

With the money games generate now? Of course they need to report on them.

I have somewhere around 160 friends on XBL and at any given time there are 15-40 people playing destiny and 3-8 playing cod with the rest scattered among other games. I think that speaks volumes now that we are 4 months after release

Yeah, your friends list sucks. The only positive is I’m on it.

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WERE on it