The Muppet TV Show

Watched it the other night on Hulu. I enjoyed it. just having the Muppets back is awesome. Hoping they don’t overuse the whole “office” style… maybe get away from it through the season. Seeing Fozzy meeting his GFs parents was pretty good.
“where does he go to the bathroom? The woods?!”
"That is highly offensive!!"

anybody else enjoy it?

I really wanted to like it, but I was mainly disappointed. I love the muppets, but it was too much reality style show and not enough stupidity.

People at work call a co worker and myself Statler and Waldorf (which we pretty much are) and we even have the masks to go with it. So of course my favorite line was about praying for the tornado.


2nd episode was WAY better than the first. Loved Fishbournes cameo and Kermit’s evil genious.