The Official Gameplay Trailer for Need for Speed Heat is Here

The new Gameplay Trailer for Need for Speed Heat is here.

The trailer introduces us to Palm City. It expounds upon some of the features we already know about, such as the Speedhunter Showdowns, which you can earn money from to upgrade your car. Night is when you build your Rep. Players will compete in “illicit street races”, and “the more you win, the more your heat will rise”. But “cops are on another level at night”, and increasing your heat will increase the level to which they’ll hunt you. As confirmed earlier, the Speedcards will not feature in this game. Players use the money from the Speedhunter Showdowns during the day, and use their Rep to unlock upgrades. The trailer shows off the extensive customisation options for both the cars and the player’s avatar. Cars can also be upgraded through a new Need for Speed Heat Studio app, which will also apparently have weekly car drops. garage goes into more detail on the features we already know about, and shows off its customisation options.

Need for Speed Heat definitely looks worth the wait. The game will release on 8th November. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

They’re still making these? Wonder if itll be any good, haven’t played a good one in a while.

From the trailer this looks like Horizon, just with Cops.

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They’ve never been big on realistic driving mechanics either. I hope it’s good might be to play with others just gonna wait and see how it goes

I liked where the series fell between complete arcade racing and proper sim titles.
Though, I lost interest just after ProStreet (I think Rivals or something came after that).
Even that felt like a step back from the Underground/Carbon titles that were my favourites.

Played a few demos since but never loved any of the later titles. Still hoping though.

Underground 2 and Carbon were my favorites for sure

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Underground 2 was probably the first one I played, then went back and played Underground.
I think Carbon and Most Wanted were my favourites.

Carbon had drifting, downhill canyon races and great car customisation.
Most Wanted had brilliant police chases and drag races.

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My fave was by far most wanted.