The Player

Just watched the 1st episode… this show is pretty ridiculous… Wesley snipes and some chick have crazy access to servelance and data… using that they “predict” that a crime is going to happen. Thats where “the player” comes in… rich fucks bet weather he can stop the crime or not…

of course Worcester is roped into this… think his name was Kane… the ending looks like snipes and his partner were planning on getting him into the position he is. I liked the dude in Strike Back, has a tad more authenticity in his gunplay and stunt work that other “agent dudes”

This show will be awesome if they keep showing Kane getting closer to who was actually responsible for his wifes murder… and if he gets legitimate revenge… but that revenge needs to come by the end of this season… not after 5 years.

Watching the second episode now… obviously each episode is a new “bet,” a new crime that he has to stop… I dont think this show can really survive 20 episodes like this…

Never heard of this. what channel is it on.

Liking the show already .

It’s on NBC, @Grex. I think on Tuesday nights.

Thursday nights on NBC