The Prisoner of Jathsogur Quest

Has anyone been able to complete the The Prisoner of Jathsogur quest? I have read all about it and hot to complete it, but I can’t find a instance that doesn’t have asshats in it killing the NPC that starts the mission.

Yeah, I ran into trouble with it when I reached it with my main toon. For a few days it was bugged, but then I logged in early one weekend morning and there were people working the quest properly at that point. Devs know about it and are planning to address it in the next major patch.

I got up at 5am to try and complete, there were still 30 people screwing the quest up. I’ll go back some time

Like Balek I finally got it complete on an early weekend morning. Don’t waste your time standing around if there are bunch of people there. Took me two weeks of running there everyday before I completed it.

So I’m stuck at this quest right now. Basically people / trolls kill the part of quest too early so you can never complete it. There’s a ESO patch going live on the 28th and the mods sort of state it will be fixed. So I think I’m going to leave my sorcerer parked there and just work on my newly created Nightblade.

I got hung up on it for a few days but eventually logged into it working with people running it correctly. Still normally fucked as hell, but it is possible to get done even before the fix. Best chance is to log in at off hours when there aren’t a clusterfuck of people there screwing up the spawn.

Merged threads as I didn’t see @D1G1TALC1PHERS.

I just completed it. I’m home from work today with a fucked up neck. Just logged on and spawned in the middle of the room. Fucked it up for a group of 20, they called me troll and reported me. LOL. Not sure how spawning in the room is considered a troll but whatever.

I logged out and back in and spawned in an empty tower with the boss spawned in already. Walked up to him and his tigers (or whatever) appeared. Fought and and killed him and was able to advance the quest. Good news for everyone else is the patch should change / fix that quest.

Guess my NB will have to wait until I’m closer to 50 (will hold my sorc at non-vet pvp until we all go Vet).

@Lala_Calamari, head ya say something to the effect “you reported me” I think yesterday, now know what the f*ck that was about.

I still haven’t completed that one for reasons stated above trolls doing there trolling.

Still waiting for you guys to hit veteran level so I can PvP on my Sorc

I’m still at 38, 50+ seems like forever away. It takes a long time to level in this game. I’ll skip dialog on my alt to try and speed shit up.

Best way to level IMHO, Do main quest of each area for skill points, Go back & get all skyshards in area, then finish the number of listed quests under Achievement tab. Move to next area.

This is all I’m doing VR & leveling fairly quickly. Also get a lot of XP for killing world bosses, dolmens seem to give me a good boost also.

For you non Vet players when you start accumulating champion points they can be used for each toon you have, so my non vet level 17 Dragon knight has 45 Champion Points for things like increased mag. recovery, elemental resist, etc.

I’ll hold my Sorc at 48ish to do non vet PvP. I’ll focus on leveling my Nightblade, get him to about 20 so he can do nonvet pvp (with decent amount of skills). Then vet the Sorc.

Dude, go outside every once in a while

My toon is outside mostly questing; for reals its too how & humid round here, like 99 everyday, no thanks.

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It was glorious, not one person standing around to screw up the quest (which they can’t now). Quest was very easy to complete and move on to get last skill point in area.