The real reason Black Ops 4 feels unfinished


The most substantiated part of Harris’ tweets are his comments regarding Black Ops 4 ’s unique multiplayer model that was still in place earlier this month. In short, Black Ops 4 was originally intended to push Black Ops 3 ’s Specialist system even further by removing Perks and replacing them with an Overwatch -esque Super ability similar to a Scorestreak. Scorestreaks as we know them did not exist at all.

Such a massive mechanical shift fell flat with testers, which reportedly forced Treyarch to revert to prior concepts used in Black Ops 3 . Scorestreaks have returned, and the hero-centric elements have been toned down. Harris’ sources told him “as of two days ago, multiplayer was in the worst state you have ever seen a Call of Duty multiplayer mode.”

Then the campaign was set to focus on Time Travel…

True to Black Ops lore, the fourth entry was allegedly planned to focus on time travel and its relation to altering history through simulation. Government forces start using simulations to manipulate the public perception of the past, but one soldier resists these false narratives to shut down the operation.

So they tried to copy another game and go MOBA ( I know its a shocker) and it tested very poorly. They scrambled and went back, polished up their last release and threw some new skins on it.


They really need to take this game franchise back to the drawing board and create another game changer like CoD 4 MW1. The saddest part of it is CoD was once at the forefront of game design and now BLOPS 4 is chasing everyone else (Fortnite, Overwatch, etc).