The Reaper Bowl 2018 - Fantasy Football - Sign Up Now

To whom it may concern,

The Reaper Bowl 2018 sign ups start 7/31/2018. If you plan to participate please let us know below as soon as possible. The live draft date and time is TBD.

We encourage all to join but players from last year get first chance at a slot for League One. If we have enough additional players sign up we will start League Two. You can think of League Two as the XFL. Where as League One is the NFL.

Beef, trash talking, bull shitting is highly encouraged especially in GIF & MEME form. Just don’t make it personal.

(If I miss tagged you sorry. Trying to match names with gamertags.)

This will be our fourth year on ESPN. Below are our past champions since moving over from Yahoo.

Past Champions:

2017: @CaptainPeeJ
2016: @anon42851937
2015: @Claude505

Lets make sure these assholes don’t win again. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.

Your Commissioner,
(The Little Ditkas - Team Manager)

League One:
BalekFekete (99%)

League Two:


Sure. Why the fuck not.

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I’m in. Betta Belichick Yoself gonna take home the crown this year

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Count me in. Wow I think I finished top 3 past two years and I didn’t make the list. Ouch. Hatred runs deep. Lol.

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I’m here to defend my title.


Count me in. Team Autopilot gonna wreck shit. I hope all my guys get hurt opening weekend so I can bitch all season

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AlphaMack… APMech12… I was close. Sue me!

:rofl: I knew I had fucked up. If I was smart I would have looked at the thread from last year. I was looking at ESPN which has our real life names and team names.

To make up for it…

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Lol no worries.

Ugh now I’ve got to come up with another team name. I’ve got win this year so I can keep it.

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put me in the pool!

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I’m in!



Keep the sign ups coming. We have 10 of 12 from last year confirmed and 1 alternate. We still have a few weeks before I will shut sign ups down.

I was joking earlier but…

Brutal. Hercules name didn’t help him I see

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Thanks to your reminder, I just thought of a great team name this year that I ripped off from a podcast.

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We still have two from last year that haven’t responded. So as of right now I am putting in @SoInZane in league 1. That puts us at 11. Next person to respond or sign up gets the last spot in league one.

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Count me in…someone needs someone to beat up on.

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IN like random words added to make the forums accept my post.