The ReaperCast 124 - Picard Review

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing. This episode we review the brand new Picard series as well as talk about the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Destiny 2 updates.

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  • Broken patches being deployed
  • Stealth Changes

Gaming and Geek News

  • Call of Duty updates
    • Latest Update
    • Extra Loadout slots
    • Return of the crossbow
    • Where oh where is Battle Royale?
    • Screenshot (loading screen) leaked???
  • Xbox Series X designed leaked
  • Destiny Updates
    • Corridors of Time
    • FOMO – Direction Bungie is taking for Destiny
      • What is FOMO?
      • Fear of Missing Out
      • Why is there the feeling of missing out?
      • What can be done to solve FOMO?
      • What about events created with Fear of Missing out in mind? Is there a point to Corridors of Time maze past this season’s end?
      • Should Battle Passes be allowed to be completed any time since players purchase them? Shouldn’t they have access to those rewards forever?
      • The same can be said about seasonal armor and weapons. Should players be able to earn those after the fact? Even if it’s a much longer process?
  • Picard show discussion (Spoiler Free)

Community Info

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