The ReaperCast 153 - Outriders Review

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  • SonicMage58
  • ValiantVictory
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  • Uselessness of GameStop

Gaming and Geek News

  • Coming to Game Pass
    • The Show
    • Battlefield 6 is now rumored to come to Game Pass
  • Outriders Review
  • TV and Movies
    • The Walking Dead – Here’s Negan
    • Invincible
    • For all mankind
    • Godzilla vs Kong

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Good show. I play Devstator and like the class. I tried Pyro and techno as well as Dev during the demo. I like playing a tank class.

Still pretty low but spending a lot into the middle tree (warden I think) with armor steal and life leech mods
As long as things are dying near me I can stay in the thick of it. What this class needs is an agro skill.

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Definitely made playing the long range DPS a lot easier. It was tougher the other night when both @valiantvictory and I were trying to long range everything.