The ReaperCast - 43 - Will Battlefield 1 Work at Release?

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GRG Community Nights

  • Monday saw the return of our Halo Night
  • Wednesday Night Community Night - GRG Destiny Tournament
  • BF1 with Klown on PS4 - 10/21
  • Turn 10 Thursdays - Forza Horizons 3

Gaming News

  • Extra Life: November 5th
  • Gears of War Release
  • Star Wars Old Republic Trailer - Betrayal
  • Battlefront coming to EA Access
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a combined 130 GB install with Modern Warfare
  • Cuphead delayed to 2017
  • Star Citizen Single Player delayed

Main Topic - Odds BF1 will work at release?

  • Battlefield 1
  • COD: IW
  • Titanfall 2
  • Gears 4
  • XBox Live or PSN themselves?

Community Info

Typical ReaperCast. @anon42851937 updated to Windows 10 Anniversary edition and it’s fucking his camera over. Non-compressed 1080p killed his upload, he had to do it with his cam off.

Regardless, it was nice getting a member spotlight going and seeing @Bigfish.

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LaLa: “most likely new rehashed Titan skins”.

I take it you didn’t play beta. I had low interest in TF2 until I played the beta. The game feels totally refreshed like they started from scratch.

The movement is a lot more smoother than the first one. Titans are pretty much classes now (close range, long range, damage dealer, crowd control). Titans no longer have real loudouts like the first one. Card system is now gone (thank god) but giving more options on pilot loudouts.

Not saying it’s amazing and will be best game ever. But as somebody that enjoyed playing TF1 the changes they made I think were much needed and it’s a better game for it.

But yeah as far As the theme of the podcast and I am sure Titanfall 2 will be plagued with first day issues as well.

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You are correct sir. Titanfall 2 feels like a refresh. Will it have enough content to keep me interested… dunno.

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I actually meant it’s not a complete overhaul. They’re taking TF1 and adding some new mechs and skins. TF2 isn’t introducing a new gaming engine or netcode. Similar to Destiny with the new sub classes.

As far as getting TF2, I’m not. I just didn’t like TF1 at all. Wasn’t a game for me. Player vs Player action seemed random and I’m not interested in killing AI.


I’ll have to disagree from my beta experience, I feel it’s an overhaul. The core concept is there but it’s feels different. None of the orginal Titans are there because Titans are not customizable anymore. Some of the same abilities are there just only certain Titans can use them forcing people to play the Titans a certain way. I think this will make the Titan play more strategic in a Paper, Rock, Scissors sort of way, but until full release won’t really know. Destiny didn’t redo the class system it just added new classes.

Pilots play a lot the same except now they have actual abilities making team synergy a lot more important than the first game.

The new game types and the changes to Titans and Pilots are taking Titanfall more into a MOBA style game compared to the first.

So yes that means more AI for those game types. So yes still won’t be the game for you.

Best episode EVAR!


Two words…Free DLC!

I’m not referring to maps… the selection of guns in tf1 was weak. As long as the game speed doesn’t slow down I’ll probably check it out when it’s on sale.