The ReaperCast 44 - Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta and Battlefield 1 Reviews

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Special Guest this week


GRG Community Night

  • Monday - Halo Night
  • Tuesday - Destiny Reset Night
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1
  • PS4 Titanfall Launch - Klown - 10/28
  • Infinite Warfare Launch - 11/4

Gaming News

  • Extra Life: November 5th (placing here to add emphasis in shows leading up to Nov 5th)
  • MS Event 10/26
  • Beam integration coming Spring 2017
  • Tourney Creating in Arena coming 2017
  • Titanfall release
  • COD IW Beta
  • Nintendo Switch

Main Topics - CoD IW and Battlefield 1 Review

Community Info

Had to redo the audio for this episode. My recording was corrupted and not any good. Thankfully we’re pretty smart and have 2 people record at the same time. Thanks @anon42851937.

I will get the YouTube version up soon.

Video added.

I don’t see no stinking video

No wonder LaLa tried to have “bad audio”, Shark made him look bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
@OmniscientShark seems to have a natural podcast voice

The field day I could have had with the lies of Johnny. Never rode a John Deere bullshit.

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