The ReaperCast - 96 - The End of an Era for The Walking Dead

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing. This episode we review Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76 Beta as well as discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

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Lala Rant

  • Game Patches and “automatic downloading”

Gaming and Geek News

  • Respawn Entertainment
    • Titanfall 3
  • PSN Name change issues
    • Loss of access to some content, DLC, games, online play
  • Rumor: PUBG coming to PS4 in December
  • Battlefield V and the decision to delay BR Mode
  • Twitch adding Squad Streams in 2019
    • Stream can feature up to 4 streamers
    • Viewers can click to spotlight one streamer and their chat
  • Fallout 76 B.E.T.A thoughts?
  • Red Dead Redemption released
  • The Walking Dead – Rick’s “Death”

Community Info

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