The Reapercast episode 11!

What’s up my fellow reapers!

I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that this Thursday night, August 6th is going to be episode 11 of The Reapercast. This week we will have Johnny back at his regular hosting duties and I go back to my regular co-host spot. In addition we will be joined by a very special guest who will be doing member spotlight this week our very own Claude505! For those of you who are in slack on a regular basis he’s the man that usually posts all those sweet NSFW links! As usual we will be going live at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time and it will be broadcast live on our twitch tv channel at We hope to see everyone there and as usual please feel free to speak up in the chat, you never know we might just call you out live during the show!

Hope to see everyone there!


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You are all safe from my ridicule this week.

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