The ReaperCast - Gamer ADD: Issue with Society, or product of less compelling content?

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Battlefield 5 rumor: Set in WWI? Release date 10/25?

  • Our thoughts on the WW1 Setting
  • Do we really believe it will be WW1
  • What we look forward to if it is WW1
  • Upcoming Community Events

Wednesday night community nights (Lot of Division players)

  • Monday Night Halo
  • Madden League, Rocket League Tourneys

XBox Preview Program

  • 16-person Party Chat
  • Include Party Chat in Twitch broadcasts
  • Purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One

XBox hardware upgrades

  • Thoughts on hardware upgrades
  • Will developers adapt to possible upgrades

Playstation 4 Firmware 3.50

  • Appear offline
  • Notify when friends are on
  • Remote play to Win10/Mac

Game releases: Far Cry Primal

Batman v Superman: Getting a R rated alternate version

Roundtable Discussion: Gamer ADD: Issue with Society, or product of less compelling content?

  • When did it start?
  • What seems to be the average lifespan for a game?
  • Is it chasing the shiny new penny, or lack of content?
  • Is there a feeling of “same shit, different game” contributing to it?


If everybody can do what they can to help promote it, like it, etc it goes a long way for the community.

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Next Reapercast over/under should be minutes until @Gunny gets it.


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Great show this week! Keep up the good work. I vote to make Gunny a weekly regular!!! :sunglasses:


Damn, you guys are harsh. … :slightly_smiling:

I’ve always been of the mindset that there a re just too many games out there. Even during the “lulls” there are still quality games coming out. Batman ark ham night came out in june… JUNE!!!

Great Show. This format is way more interesting.


Please don’t encourage him.