The ReaperCast is looking for Guests

I’m looking for a guest for the ReaperCast this upcoming show on Monday June 29th (or future shows). New or returning members, either is fine. The ReaperCast is a community podcast and I would really like to showcase our community. Sure we Count to Potato and our Favorite color is 3 but we’re special. Mama told us so.

We record every other Monday and start gathering at 8:30 PM EST. Expect to spend 2 hours (pre and post show). We use Discord so anyone can join in (phone and gaming headset works fine. No earbud mics please).

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Our next episode is Monday night, July 27th @ 8:30 PM EST. If interested let me know.

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You decided on a topic?

I’ve only played 2 games lately.

Sent you a link to the current agenda. Let me know if you’re still interested or have any other topics.