They told me that I have to introduce myself

Hey guys, good to be here. I’m supposed to do an introduction, so here goes:

40 years old
Married, two teenage kids
Canadian Army Warrant Officer, been in for 20 years this summer
Grew up playing NES and SNES but dropped gaming in my teens (found “other things” that were more interesting). Picked it back up again in my mid-20s after my son was born because I needed a hobby that kept me home. Been gaming pretty regularly ever since.
I suffer from a serious case of gaming ADD, but if something gets its hooks in me, I’ll keep coming back for years. Looking for a general gaming group so that I don’t have to keep looking for new groups whenever I find something new to play.

Uh… I guess that’s it. Keep on keepin’ on.


Welcome to the community its good to have you, we have people playing a lot of different stuff for sure. A lot in Cod and destiny but definitely got others playing different games. Just post up if you have a game you want others to join you in.

Also what all do you game on and play?

Welcome to GRG.

Thank God another Canadian to take the attention from these asshole, bully, Americans off me.

Especially, @Lala_Calamari and @Grex

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@PCGamers get him added!

Welcome to GRG!

Oh, sorry about that. I’m totally PC right now, but I’ll probably pick up a PS5 down the road.

I’m on a Destiny 2 kick right now, but also playing Division 2 and Among Us. I bounce around between a bunch of single players when I get bored, but I’m very much a one and done player with story games.

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I’m gonna have to set up a night for among us we’ve got a decent amount to play

welcome… a few of us are destiny pc…been trying to give pc a couple days a week(thursday and sunday have been to go-to’s)…I really only play destiny but on pc and xbox… i’ll try to get you added to clan…what is your steam name?