Thieves Guild DLC

Is being released today on Elder Scrolls, for anyone interested. The most anticipation for me is that there will now be an elite vendor in Cyrodiil selling the monster helms that would normally only be acquired from doing the undaunted dailies. The vendor will be available on the weekends only and have random sets (head/shoulder) available starting around 400,000 Alliance Points; can only be purchased with AP.

A new siege weapon will be the siege tent. A tent that can be placed near a keep that your alliance is sieging, with 10 spawns available before self-destroying. This will prevent having to ride all the way back after being killed. The tents will detoriate quickly & can be set on fire by enemies so it will need to put out strategically.

Leveling in Cyrodiil will now go faster and some of the skills will be switched around to be acquired earlier like Proximity Detonation.

A new area will be available to explore single player with armor sets, etc. as well.

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I am more interested in the new raid.