This is what happens when you don't know how to drive a boat...

Skip to 2:13 for the fun stuff.

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He’s down for the count, although girl in middle got a KO also, she might have a headache.

I read that the driver was charged with being reckless.

You can hear him a the end of the first video say “Get rid of those beers”.

I like to have a good time, but I also spend a lot of time on a lake with fountain boats. Most of the drivers are assholes and shit like this happens all the time there but worse. Normally involves another boat.

I read up on this a few years ago, it was on a lake. apparently what happened was the throttle cable snapped. The Driver was taken to a hospital for minor injuries but everyone else was fine. Video has been floating around the internet for a long time and the story seems to change pretty often. I remember arguing with somebody at a bar, he kept saying they died from trauma to the head.

Yea it was in 2012.


That’s weird I posted the link and it posted the whole article. New feature? @Grex

sure would make things easy

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Not really a new feature. It’s a built in feature called OneBox. It’s grabs links and presents excerpts most of the time. But the way that site must be setup is it grabbed the whole ArticlE.

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