Three Free Crates

Seems easy enough.

I refuse to buy crates but I will take free ones.

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If you want a taste of the shadowy powers the new Crown Crate season has to offer, you can earn up to three free Scalecaller Crown Crates simply by playing The Elder Scrolls Online! To acquire these new items, log into the game and defeat any enemy creature (monsters, bosses, or even enemy NPCs) every day, from Friday, March 9 until Sunday, March 11.

Log in each day, kill something and earn a crate.

As an ESO Plus subscriber, I shouldn’t have to buy crates. I’m already paying.


I think ESO Plus subscribers should get to choose what they want. Leave the crates for the people that don’t. Nothing is worse than waiting all month to get your crowns and then getting fucked on a crate.

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But they are giving you free crowns to buy the crates with.

Just let me use the crowns I get with the subscription to buy the mount I want. Fuck this loot crate RNG gamble. Most of the time it gives you pure shit. I would be ok if I could use those crowns to just purchase the one new horse I like.

And those crowns cost $15 bucks per month, they’re not free.